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We would like to inform you about opening new goldsmith shop in our antique shop

With increased demand for bespoke manufacturing of jewellery, we have opened new goldsmith shop in our Antique shop under management of very experienced goldsmith Alice Kosová. Thanks to her craftsmanship we even managed to complete order for the town council of capital city of Prague, which asked us to make them the exact copy of Czech crown jewels as a personal gift for chief magistrate Dalai Lama.

We have also completed big number of smaller orders, such as manufacture of engagement ring and other types of jewellery. Our goldsmith shop dosen´t only manufacture jewellery, but also repairs jewellery,inserts gemstones into all different types of jewellery and cleans gemstones. Thanks to connection with our supplier right from the diamond mine, we have supply of high quality diamonds and different gemstones for reasonable price. All of these exported diamonds come from non-combat zones and are fully meeting the terms and agreements of Kimberley Protocol.



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